Drinking and Driving
The negative consequences of a drinking and driving (DUI) charge in Michigan can change a life. An experienced and knowledgeable drinking and driving attorney can help throughout the entire process and obtain desirable results. We're here to help you understand your rights and to protect your future.
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Michigan Minor in Possession (MIP)
A minor in possession is a misdemeanor and can greatly impact your future. There are options for first time MIP offenders that can truly help you out. Instead of pleading guilty, contact our office to speak with lawyers who have a great success rate with Michigan minor in possession offenses.
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Driver’s License Restoration
Life without a driver's license is harder and a major inconvenience. Our expert Michigan driver's license restoration lawyers will help you gain your privileges back. Hiring the right Michigan driver's license restoration attorney can be the difference between getting approved or denied.
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Drinking and Driving

The  penalties for a drinking and driving arrest in Michigan can be life changing. Financial obligations, current or future career opportunities and the emotional stress are a few negative consequences of a Michigan DUI conviction. Our expert knowledge and experience in Michigan DUI law will help us obtain the positive outcome you are looking for.

MIP (Minor in Possession)

Michigan happens to have one of the toughest minor in possession laws in the nation. However, there are opportunities for a first time offender to dismiss the conviction. MIP convictions can negatively effect your future in many ways. Our experience in Michigan minor in possession law will help you through the process and protect your future.

Driver’s License Restoration

Getting your Michigan driver's license reinstated can be a confusing and tough process alone. Your case will have to go through a hearing in order for your license to be reinstated. The hearing resembles a trial with the decision of a driver's license reinstatement up to the court. Our experience and expert knowledge in Michigan driver's license restoration will help you obtain driving privileges once again.

Michigan Attorney William J. Campbell

Experience and expert knowledge of an attorney can be the difference between a conviction and a dismissal. William J. Campbell has been helping clients achieve desirable results since 1976. He has great success in areas related to criminal law, drinking and driving (DUI), minor in possession (MIP) and driver's license restoration.

With law offices in Lansing and Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, Attorney Campbell provides expert services with proven results to residents in the area as well as students from Michigan State University, Central Michigan University and other local colleges.

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